Food and Beverages

Build Buzz. Improve Flow

Tapping into the Ultimate Potential

At Cloud2b, we work with the biggest names in the spirits industry to make sure that brand presence is always top of the mind and top of the shelf. Our industry knowledge is unrivaled and when it is combined with end-to-end Salesforce expertise and consultation, our partner’s success is our success.

What We Do

The short answer is: “Everything.” From the beginning of your Lead lifecycle to customer engagement and social media management, to complex inventory management, Cloud2b’s expertise is unparalleled.

Sales and Pipeline

Whether you’re using Direct Sales Reps or Distributors for your brand, Cloud2b can help identify regions and territories where they should focus their efforts. Combining big data with regional and national trends and forecasting, we provide you with the tools to identify potential markets that identify with your brand, match your target audience, establish goals and benchmarks, and make your entrance into a new market as seamless as possible.

Inventory Management

Consumers today have options. Lots of them. And if they’re looking for your product but are met with an “Out of Stock” sign at the store, they’re going to buy someone else’s product. Missed income, missed word-of-mouth, and missed returning customers can spell disaster for even the most prominent brands. Work with Cloud2b to calculate how much stock you need, where, and when to order more. Be the toast of the next party…we’ll drink to that!

Trade Marketing Campaigns

Allocating campaign budgets appropriately, and identifying the best promotions for your brand is a science. Not only can Cloud2b help you track every aspect of your Trade Marketing Campaigns, but when a campaign is completed, we give you the tools you need to analyze how effective the campaign was. Did sales increase? Decrease? Stay the same? We show you how to analyze multiple data points so that you can optimize future campaigns.

Sell In. Sell Out

“Shelf life” has a whole different meaning in the beverage world. Keeping your product on shelves, but not for too long, while avoiding the dreaded “Out of Stock” sticker is a delicate balance that can make or break a brand. The team at Cloud2b is well-versed in supply, demand, and timely restocking to ensure that your distributors and their customers can get their hands on your product when they want it.

Social Media

In the age of social media, anyone with an internet connection can interact with your product, good or bad. Cloud2b’s Social Media services teach you to effectively monitor your social networks to see what people are saying, and we train you on the best ways to react and reach out to your following. We can also monitor keywords to capitalize on trends or ideas inspired by your community. Engage your community, create new brand ambassadors, and build your online presence with Cloud2b.

Manage Case Work

Cases are the window into your organizations performance. From monitoring quality or supply issues in real time to identifying trends that may lead to larger issues, Cases can inform and empower your organization. Cases also allow you to create a knowledge base for your end customers, suppliers, and distributors. Whether you’re posting new cocktail recipes or giving advice on how to manage stock, in-store displays, or inventory, your customers look to you for your expertise.Let Cloud2b help you create a Knowledge Base that empowers and informs your audience. 

Partner Communities

How you inform your customers, provide support and information, and communicate with your audience should directly reflect your brand identity and brand values. Consistency is key. So is making the experience a positive one for everyone involved. By bringing together everyone from your distributors to your end customers, to the bartender who sings your praises into a single platform, you establish a brand and community that is lasting, and that creates more devoted fans.

Cloud2b can provide expert consultation and implementation for any or all of the above services. Whether your online presence needs a boost or lackluster sales have put you in a tough financial situation, Cloud2b works with you to identify gaps, create goals, establish a roadmap, and execute a plan to ensure that your brand is there for all of life’s events for years and years to come.