Graduate to a New Way of
Higher Ed Management

Raising the Bar

The colleges and universities that are quick to adapt to changing business environments are the ones who are going to see application numbers rise, quality of applicants increase, and benefit in the long-run with larger endowments and a more engaged alumni community. Cloud2b works with institutions of higher education to make the most out of each interaction with every person that comes into contact with the school. Our deep knowledge of the student lifecycle and inner workings of college campuses make us your ideal partner.

Our Curriculum (What We Do)

Through the Looking Glass

Students of today are more tech savvy than ever before, and they’re aware that they have choices when it comes to their college education. Cloud2b works with colleges and universities to use intuitive tools to reach their target audience. Whether you’re looking to boost attendance through your Admissions Office or increase annual giving with the Office of Advancement, Cloud2b can help you with a customized solution that works for your community.

Student Lifecycle

It’s a story as old as time: Student goes to college fair. Student expresses interest. University sends countless mailings to student, with little or no insight into how the material is persuading a student to apply. Student applies. Or doesnt. Not any more. Cloud2b understands the importance of tailored, personalized messaging to prospective, current, and graduated students. When you have a unique profile for everyone in your community, and personalized dashboards with important information at your fingertips, you can see more clearly than ever if this applicant, student, or donor is right for you.

Current Students

Matriculation is a day of celebration for everyone. The day after matriculation, the work starts again! But a lot happens in the years between matriculation and graduation. Cloud2b knows how to make the best of those years. From logging communications to and from students and the university, conversations with advisors, and alerts if the student is slipping academically, Cloud2b has worked with numerous colleges and universities to establish procedures, schedules, and timelines for various departments that meet their unique needs.

Advancement Office

Graduation has come and gone and those students are now productive members of society. Hopefully they look back fondly on their college years, and when the time to give back to their alma mater comes, you want to make sure you know how to reach them and that they don’t fall through the cracks. With relationship management tools, event and social media tracking, creating unique, personalized appeals to your alums has never been easier.

Social Media

Go where your prospects, students, and donors are. Cloud2b excels at integrating and managing your institution’s social media presence with Salesforce. Now you can see, at a glance, how specific social media posts are performing among your various demographics. Make tweaks and improvements based on the data to improve performance. Cloud2b understands the value and intricacies of Salesforce’s AI learning, which can understand if a social media post is positive, negative, or neutral to your institution, as well as ways to improve overall post performance.

College campuses are transforming daily and institutions need to keep up with the changes or risk being left behind. Cloud2b understands the benefits that adaptive and forward-thinking colleges and universities can reap when they take a holistic, long-term approach to how they handle their communities. Cloud2b looks forward to working with you!