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In many implementations integration is a crucial factor to make the intuitive process, which directly influences the engagement teams in the use of new systems. We have worked with various technologies to realize integration between Salesforce and other platforms such as SAP, Protheus, Datasul, RM, ERPs and / or its Oracle databases, SQL, MySQL and others.


One of the technologies we use is called XPI and is delivered by Cloud2b as a service. In this case we use a cloud system through connectors can integrate various databases ensuring traffic insurance information, transparent, reliable and agile.



  • Large library of pre-built components;

  • Drag-and-drop functionality for easy configuration of business processes;

  • Visual Data Mapper transforms information regardless of format;

  • Step-by-step wizards simplify complex integration;

  • Intuitive graphical user interface;

  • Powerful, built-in security and encryption tools;

  • Online monitoring capabilities;

  • Automated handling of exceptions and errors in business processes;

  • Optimized connector for Salesforce.



  • Automatically converts business opportunities into orders;

  • Increases the visibility of past due accounts;

  • Integrates Web, call center, and POS purchase histories into your salesforce customer records;

  • Incorporates small package delivery and freight tracking information in customer records;

  • Imports website leads automatically into your prospecting lists;

  • Integrates expense report data with accounting information;

  • Automatically provisions new salesforce users, based on the human resources system’s new hire triggers;

  • Quickly migrates and transforms data from other applications;

  • Configures and receives business alerts;

  • Updates your ERP and CRM master data in real-time.



  • Provides a real-time view of customer information to enhance customer service;

  • Implementation is 5-10 times faster than for other solutions;

  • Enhances business productivity;

  • Implements future integration changes quickly and cost-effectively;

  • Achieves versatility with an open architecture that lets you connect with every database, platform, file, and standard format;

  • Automates workflows and manual processes to reduce human error;

  • Extends encryption and security capabilities to data and business processes;

  • Easily scales from departmental collaboration to company and enterprise workflows;

  • Enables out-of-the-box SOA practice on any organizational scale.

Integration with Salesforce.com

Rely on our experience and ensure quality and safety in the integration of its business with Salesforce.com.

Experience We have already delivered more than fifteen hundred projects and we are always looking to maintain the standard of quality required by our customers.


Able to develop the best solutions for your business with the best market practices.

Dedicated Team

A dedicated team and an expert for the integration of your project is done on time and with extreme quality.



Implemented over the past seven years more than fifteen hundred projects in several segments. Through this experience we guarantee the quality and security that your project needs.



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