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Process Review Salesforce is a platform with numerous possibilities, we have a specific area to help you rebuild and create new processes in the tool.
+ 1,500 projects delivered
+ 210 projects audited with average grade 9.4
+ 50 individual certificates
Continuous improvement All systems implementation takes into account an initial vision that can disregard some details which will be received on a daily basis by users. Knowing this, we have developed specialized consultants in an area that works precisely in the adaptation and improvement of processes created, suggesting the next steps that can be taken with the tool and advising clients on how they can improve their respective routines. In this working model we work with a number of hours per month, which are consumed according to customer needs. Contact us to receive a quote!
Segments Implemented over the past seven years more than fifteen hundred projects in several segments. Through this experience we guarantee the quality and security that your project needs.



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