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CLOUD COMPUTING Especialists Is your company ready to enjoy all the benefits of cloud computing?
Box.com is a platform storage and management workflows files It is designed for the business world as well as Salesforce.com and is precisely why the levels of quality, reliability and security to stand out from your competitors. It is fully integrated with Salesforce.com but can be used separately if it is your need.
Eliminate duplication of lead records, accounts and contacts at its base Count on our team to deploy this excellent tool listed on the AppExchange Salesforce, which operates in the treatment of its base making their reports and scoreboards, as well as segmentations, more reliable.
Your company would like to work with Gmail or Outlook integrated with Salesforce.com? What if you could find your leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities, tasks and appointments in Outlook or Gmail and work through it? If this your challenge, we can help you with Cirrus Insight.
Commissioning is a subject that generates you monthly problems with the staff? With hundreds of customers, thousands of plans, and billions of transactions, we have insights based on sufficient data to prove that the commissioning lead trade to certain behavior and improve business results. We can help you solve these problems with Xactly.
Segments Implemented over the past seven years more than fifteen hundred projects in several segments. Through this experience we guarantee the quality and security that your project needs.



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WE CAN HELP. Cloud2b we are proud to be greater Salesforce partner based in Brazil. Specialist Cloud Computing. If you are thinking of CRM, or if you want more information, we are happy to answer all your questions and get you set up. Simply fill out the form below or for immediate support, please call +1 (360) 680.1206
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